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  Female empowerment, physical activity and active nutrition!  

About me

Elissa Guzman

Mother of 2 beautiful women, wife, wellness coach and lover of exercise!!

Hello!  I am an unstoppable soul, I love life and I am grateful every day for waking up to a completely different reality from the world out there. I firmly believe that you can change your reality for what you long to have in life, but before you must BE before having and working to achieve it, changing your mentality aware of what you do and say to others! you deserve everything great in life  and fulfill your purposes that should be  other than serving others and making a change in the lives of people who come to you, loving what you do, being unstoppable and creating a reality according to your dreams!

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La meditación por el mar



Butter, CA 95336

916 896 7626

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